Press Releases From the Field:

Scientific Assessment of Curaçao’s near shore waters to begin next week Press Release (English), Press Release (Papiamentu) – 5 November 2015
Research shows fishermen, divers agree coral reefs need stronger management: Broad support exists for new Caribbean ocean policies Press Release (English), Press Release (Papiamentu) – 4 September 2015
Announcing hire of Manager for Blue Halo Curaçao – Press Release (English) – 17 August 2015
Waitt Institute and the Sustainable Fisheries Group collect fish catch data on Montserrat and Curaçao Press Release – 1 August 2015
Conference in Curaçao focuses on solutions for restoring reefs on Blue Halo islands and beyond Press Release – 29 May 2015
Curaçao to develop new sustainable ocean policies  Press Release – 26 Feb 2015
Islands Montserrat, Curaçao commit to new ocean policies  Press Release – 26 Feb 2015


Blue Halo Initiative (top stories):

The New York Times, Dot Earth: A Film Explores Curaçao’s Effort to Become a Caribbean Haven for Coral – 13 May 2015
The New York Times: A Small Island Takes a Big Step on Ocean Conservation – 22 August 2014
The New York Times: Op-ed: We Can Save Coral Reefs – 18 September 2014


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