Developing a plan to manage the waters around Curaçao

sustainably, profitably, and enjoyably for this and future generations.

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Blue Halo Initiative description

New Coastal Regulations

  1. Comprehensive coastal zoning map
  2. New fisheries management regulations
  3. Plans for monitoring, enforcement, and financing


  1. Science-based
  2. Community-driven
  3. Clear management objectives
  4. Transparent decision making
  5. Balance economic, environment, social, and cultural interests


  1. Extensive community consultations
  2. Scientific assessment of reefs and fisheries
  3. Mapping coastal habitats
  4. Legal analysis and drafting
  5. Training to build local capacity
  6. Outreach and communications
  7. Assessment of enforcement options

Policy Outcomes

  1. Comprehensive zoning map
  2. New fisheries management regulations
  3. Five-year plan for implementation
  4. Increased enforcement capacity
  5. Scientific monitoring program
  6. Long-term financing strategy

Potential Community Benefits

  1. Healthier coral reefs, mangroves, and seagrass
  2. More abundant fish, lobster, and conch
  3. Improved fishing catches and livelihoods
  4. Access to new, high-end fish markets
  5. New local tourism and job opportunities
  6. Reputation as a global leader in conservation
  7. Stronger ocean economy for future generations
  8. Preserve coastal tradition and way of life